Translations & Interpreting

inlingua provides quality translation services, either certified or without certification, into and out of all widely used languages. Our translators are highly qualified with many years of experience in the field. They are usually officially appointed to the courts and sworn in or authorised.

You can count on us to reliably and punctually provide even the most complex of translation tasks: 

  • Documents, contracts, patent documents
  • Advertising texts, image brochures, websites, annual reports
  • Manuals, software, operating instructions


When transferring texts from one language into another we pride ourselves on taking into account the communicative intention of the translation in question: Should the text be as close to the original as possible or - going beyond the content - is sentence style, flow and choice of words intended to communicate a specific impression? This intention-dependent balance between accuracy and awareness of actual disired intent on the reader of the text is what determines the quality of a translation. 

Our translation service would be glad to submit you an offer. If you have the text for translation in a word document format, it is quite easy to tell us the size of your intended translation by doing the following: 

Translations are calculated on a line basis. A standard line of translation comprises 50 characters. Mark the text you wish to have translated, click on "Extras" -, "Word count".  The number given under "characters" is then divided by 50 to obtain the number of lines in the translation.

Experienced interpreters (for consecutive or simultaneous interpreting) are available for your events.

  • Guides, factory tours
  • Discussions, presentations, negotiations
  • Meetings, symposiums, conventions/congresses, technical conferences


Get in touch with us! You can reach us on 0611 / 37 30 05 or via E-Mail on uebersetzungeninlingua-wiesbaden.de

Our General Terms and Conditions of Business can be found  here.