inlingua Method

The inlingua Method

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Languages ​​are best learned by speaking.

At inlingua you experience language learning which systematically takes you step by step through the target language. Your teacher speaks to you only in his or her native language - from the very first lesson onward.

Languages are best learnt by speaking them....

...and you will have every opportunity to do just that in your inlingua training: From dealing with typical everyday situations, to making use of continuous opportunities to speak the language, practising appropriate reactions and consolidating your learned language skills in frequent dialogue - this is how you will learn to appropriately manage each and every language situation you encounter. 

Only the target language is spoken from the outset? How does that work?

Most new words and terms are introduced visually. 
Others are exemplified by means of the situation and the context.

Nothing is translated, or explained in English?  

No, because the meaning is already clear, translations are not necessary.

And what about grammar?

The teachers devise their teaching so that grammatical explanations are normally superfluous. Intensive practice means that you will discover the rules for yourself. You can confirm this by consulting your inlingua learning material after the lesson.

What does "intensive practice" mean?

It is the job of the teacher to get you to speak, e.g.:

  • by answering questions.
  • by getting you to ask other students questions.
  • by getting you to correct each other.
  • You will be given opportunities to repeat new language structures many times until you have really learnt them and feel comfortable with their use.

And what is the role of the teacher?

S/he only provides spoken input as far as it is necessary. S/he only says what is absolutely essential. S/he does not talk or lecture. S/he supplies new words and shows you how they are correctly combined with what you already know. Teachers guide the students to practice new structures as they are learned.

No explanations are given?

The teachers can and will answer every question about their native language.

Will I learn to speak freely?

Once you have acquired a certain level of competence with the new language, you will work with a partner or in groups, for example:

  • here you decide yourself what is said and asked.
  • You need not wait until it is your turn as this form of teaching means it is always your turn.

How do I work with the learning material?

To consolidate what they learn in the lessons, students receive learning material with various exercises, as well as an audio CD for practice at home. As an optional addition you can also book the inlingua online learning platform which accompanies your course. During oral practice, students do not consult their learning material. It is only consulted when they work with the pictures, texts, dialogs, exercises and other activities it contains. 

Will I be writing a lot?

Almost all new words, structures etc. can be found in the learning material. It is therefore not necessary to take notes during the lesson. Written tasks are completed at home.