inlingua DeutschlandIhr Personal Coach f├╝r Spracherfolg


The inlingua Teachers

  • inlingua teachers are qualified
    inlingua employs only native-speaker professionals with a university education and excellent pedagogic abilities.
  • inlingua teachers provide an environment conducive to learning
    They display empathy and are sociable and approachable and this encourages you to speak the language.
  • inlingua teachers motivate
    They help to break down barriers and create a relaxed atmosphere which inspires confidence.
  • inlingua teachers are networked
    Before every lesson the teachers are briefed on the specific requirements of the group by their Director of Studies. The Director of Studies accompanies every language course from the first to the last lesson and monitors learning progress.
  • inlingua teachers never stop learning themselves
    inlingua teachers regularly take part in internal training seminars.


By the way: Apart from having the teacher, company groups and in-house training courses always have an additional contact person that maintains an overview of teaching progress.