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Other Language Exams

We would also be glad to prepare you for language exams in other languages. The inlingua Achievement Test, which exists not only in German and English, but also in French, Italian and Spanish, means that you enjoy an advantage over other certificates because it has a very fine gradation of language levels that increases by increments of 0.5. All four areas of competence are tested (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in situations that correspond to their "on the job" application.

Furthermore, we cannot only prepare you for the German and English telc exams, but also for the telc exams in Arabic, Czech, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

inlingua Wiesbaden can likewise prepare you for the DELF or DALF test in French or, for example, for the DELI, DILI, DILC, DALI or DALC exam in Italian and the DELC exam in Spanish.

You can't find your exam among those listed?  No need to worry; simply get in touch with us - with our experience we are bound to be able to help you for other language exams.