Learning German at inlingua Wiesbaden

We offer German courses at all levels

German courses at inlingua Wiesbaden

In our inlingua German courses, students learn step-by-step how to express themselves confidently in German at the level of fluency they desire. The teaching focus is - as always at inlingua - on competance in spoken expression plus listening comprehension. In addition, students will also learn to improve their reading comprehension and writing skills.

We offer German courses at all levels - ranging from beginner courses to courses designed to prepare students for the Intermediate Exam.

Once a sufficient level has been reached, students can take the inlingua Basic Level Exam, the inlingua Certificate in German or the Intermediate Exam.

German group courses are held at various times during the day:


If you would like to learn German very quickly or need a more flexible arrangement time-wise, the following types of courses are the right choice: