Learning languages ​​by speaking

True to this motto, our language courses are almost exclusively about speaking.

Languages are learned by speaking them

True to this motto, our language courses are almost exclusively about speaking. The inlingua method is employed successfully at more than 350 teaching centres and in more than 40 countries around the world. Teaching takes places solely in the target language. The teaching focuses on ongoing speaking as well as listening comprehension. Specially developed techniques ensure that the students are accorded a higher active speaking time than the teacher. Whether for professional use or simply for private pleasure - speaking a foreign language means being able to break down barriers. Apart from learning the language, you also learn how to navigate comfortably in the cultural environment where the language is spoken. At inlingua Wiesbaden, intercultural competence is continually integrated into the language learning process. Your native language teacher will help you throughout this process. The range of possible course formats spans teaching sessions of 90 minutes in duration per week (2 training units), to intensive teaching in weekly blocks of 10 training units a day. The course format most appropriate for you depends on how fast you wish to progress and what content you wish to learn. We would be glad to advise you on how to select the most appropriate course format to match your individual needs. Get in touch with us!

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inlingua for Business

A telephone meeting with business partners or a product presentation for clients? No matter what language goals you wish to achieve - we will support you. Your staff will be taught professional communication skills by experienced native speakers. 

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Professional Preparation for Foreign Language Exams

inlingua Wiesbaden is specialised in preparing you for foreign language exams. Some of our trainers have experience with examinating different types of foreign language exams and are therefor aware of the specific aspects needed to achieve.

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