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The inlingua Service Package

Explained in 10 steps

  • inlingua provides training in all languages at all levels, and targets all communication tasks.
  • The inlingua placement test determines the level of your language skills and language objectives.
  • The evaluation of the integrated requirement analysis leads to an objective-led training concept.
  • The modular format of the Accelerated Professional Program (APP) provides a concrete and practically focused description of the language objectives.
  • One-on-one lessons, crash courses or company groups, in-house or at inlingua, in Germany or abroad.
  • We develop learning material to cater for specific remits.
  • Our teachers also support staff on the job and give feedback matched to the situation.
  • Apart from the teacher, you always receive additional individual care via our client advisors.
  • Success can be measured through a systematic education controlling system, regular feedback and internationally accredited tests.
  • Targeted follow-up packages fuel motivation for the next competence level.

Your inlingua Company Service Contact Partner

Michael Hofmann


0611 373006