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Learning materials

The inlingua Learning Materials

 inlingua publishing company produces course material which ideally complements the inlingua method. The learning material has a modular format, covers all language levels of the European Framework of Reference of Languages and is continually revised and perfected.

Every student receives learning material which is ideally matched to his/her current level of language skills and requirements. This also contains an audio CD. The learning material helps us to achieve the following objectives:

  • The learning material is the teaching guide and sets out a well defined teaching objective. It therefore keeps students focused.
  • The learning material avoids the necessity to take notes during lessons. It means that each student can actively take part in speaking during the lesson.
  • The learning material contains the cues for communicative activities. These can therefore be carried out efficiently and without time-consuming briefing by the teacher.
  • The learning material contains additional exercises for consolidating what is learnt at home.
  • The student can catch up on any lessons s/he has missed.
  • The summaries of key vocabulary and grammatical structures that the material contains, can also serve as reference material.

Apart from the learning material, the students can also bring any authentic and relevant documents from their work to the lesson.

The inlingua learning material can be optionally supplemented by the inlingua Online Learning. This offers an additional opportunity to consolidate the language skills acquired in the language course independently of place and time.