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IHK exam


to the "Foreign Language Correspondent"

Optimal preparation for the IHK exam

Over the course of the bilingual lessons (German/English) we specifically prepare you for the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) "foreign language correspondent" exam. In the lessons you will learn

  • how to describe and discuss business processes and developments
  • how to draft business letters on the basis of business processes or bullet points
  • how to translate into and out of the foreign language


Moreover, grammar and vocabulary will be systematically revised and consolidated.

Directly before the IHK exam, we prepare you for the exams and the exam situation with sample exams and exams taken from past years.

If desired, you can also take the inlingua foreign language correspondent exam before the IHK exam.

Teaching takes place on Saturdays, between 09:10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and can therefore also be fitted in around a full-time job.

Have we sparked your interest and do you already have a good working knowledge of English?  If so, don't delay! Arrange an appointment for a personal interview with us.