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at inlingua Wiesbaden

Italian Group Courses in the Evening

inlingua Wiesbeden offers Italian evening courses in small groups, for all language levels, ranging from beginner to conversation groups.

Course Details

Courses run once a week in the evening for 2 teaching hours per session.

For lessons times you have the option between 5:20 to 6:50 p.m. or 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

The average size is 3 - 8 students per course.

The fee is € 135.00 for a four week period when enrolling for 12 weeks and € 120,00 when enrolling for 24 weeks. Learning material costs are an extra € 39.00, and a one-time registration fee is  € 30.00.

The Course System

  • If you already have previous knowledge of the language you can, at any time, join an existing group course that corresponds to your skill level. This means there is no need to wait until a new course starts up at your language level.
  • If you already have previous knowledge of the language, you can take a trial lesson, free of charge, by joining an existing group. This enables you to gain first-hand insight into the inlingua teaching methodology and the group.
  • If you are going on holiday, please inform us at the latest in the last lesson before your holiday. In relation to the missed lessons, we offer you a free one-to-one lesson to go over the material missed.
  • You decide for yourself when the Italian course ends for you. After completing the basic course period you can terminate your contract with four weeks notice to the end of every accounting period.

Italian evening course Dates


If you do not have any previous knowledge of the English language, but you would like to sign up to one of the courses listed, please contact us by phone or using the contact form.

Please note that no binding agreements can be concluded through this website.

If you already have some knowledge of German, please arrange an appointment with one of our advisors. We will gladly access the level of the abilities you already possess, We would gladly determine the level of any language skills you already possess, free of charge, and give you detailed information on the evening courses that are suitable for you. You can also do the Italian online placement test of course online for free and without obligation.

We look foward to seeing you!